I gained 2.4lbs. Hey, better than the 3lbs I expected, right? I expected it, I’ve accepted it, and I’m moving on. I’m going to try my damndest to lose 3.4lbs this week, even though I know it’s a very long shot. I really want to reach my 5% goal. I plan to exercise on the Wii every day this week. EVERY day, even if it’s only for 20-30 minutes. I’ve also put together a circuit training routine using my stability ball. I need to do some strength training so build muscle and eliminate flab as I continue to lose weight. AND I have some Zumba DVD’s on their way in the mail.

One bad week don’t stop no show. What I learned is that I need to track what I eat REGARDLESS of how much I’m eating. Last week, I was literally eating too fast to track it. I binge on food in the same what that people binge and purge, except I don’t purge. Not because I haven’t thought about it, but because it has too many negative ramifications. The first being that it’s a waste of money. Eat food then chuck it? It’s like setting money on fire, and I ain’t got it like that. All the other stuff (jacked up esophagus, etc) is secondary to wasting money. So think of what you know about binge eaters. The quantity of food they consume only to purge it all later? That’s the same quantity of food I eat during a binge. And I feel stuffed and sick afterward and wonder why I ate all of that while simultaneously thinking of what I want to taste next. Eat more of the same yummy stuff I just devoured or try something different? It’s disgusting, it really is. I should be ashamed, but hell, ain’t no sense in being ashamed about it. My mother said if you’re going to be ashamed of something, you don’t need to be doing it. And I mean, clearly, I don’t need to be binging, so there it is.

And ain’t no sense in complaining about it and dwelling on it either. That’ll just make me want to eat more. Instead I’ll focus on what I did wrong (not tracking, emotionally overeating, not exercising) and improve on that over this week and the coming weeks. I just need to stay focused. As far as eating, I’m already back on plan. I think when I saw my weekly allowance points go into the negative, I panicked and convinced myself it would be impossible to salvage the week. Stupid thinking and I won’t think like that again. I could have exercised and gained activity points to use. Or I could have just stayed within my daily points target. But having a Fat Girl Free For All is never the answer.

At any rate, I’m still on the bandwagon and I’m still 7.6lbs down in 4 weeks. Not too shabby!

Here’s to actually putting in hard work, not just talking about it paying off!!!