Tomorrow is my weigh-in, so I have to get it in tonight! So far today I have about 6,800 steps. And it’s only 4:14 (that’s my birthday, how cool is that?!) so I’m sure I’ll have close to 10K before I get home from the grocery store. I did a TON of laundry today, walked to and from stores while waiting for the clothes to wash and dry, then carried it all in the house. Ugh, I was TOO tired to even think about exercising, so I chilled for a bit before going to the grocery store.

Tonight I plan to do Rhythm Boxing for 10 minutes, Super Hula Hoop for 10 minutes, Yoga & Strength training for 30 minutes, GGCW for ~20, MJ Experience for 30 minutes and Just Dance 2 for 20 minutes. That gives me two hours. I can do this! It’ll be fun! I know I’m going to have to motivate myself to do this because after I get home from the grocery store I’ll have to put away the groceries, make dinner, eat dinner, give my son a bath, get him dressed for bed, and read him a story before I’ll be able to exercise. I’m determined to have him in bed at 8:30 on the dot!!!!

7:20pm: I meant to hit ‘Publish’ earlier and forgot. So far I’m still on schedule. The chicken breast (5oz raw) is grilling on the George Foreman. I’m going to put it over spinach and shredded lettuce with cucumbers, 1 hard-boiled egg white, 1Tbsp of shredded cheddar cheese, and 1Tbsp of sunflower seeds. I’ll use Kraft Light Raspberry Vinaigrette as my dressing. I’ll work the points out in the eTools part of the WW site and update that in a little bit.

BTW, when I got home I had ~9800 steps. I now have 10,176. That’s what’s up!

I’ll be back after my last chance work-out!