Did the 30-minute Yoga/Strength training routine as my warm-up. Thought my left side was getting stronger, then did the tree pose and felt like it was the first time again. My left side needs work. I have some push-up side plank in my routine that is getting taken out. At first, I left it in there because I figured I’d keep trying until I got it. I think I need to focus on being able to do push-ups first. I have super, super weak arms. Once I get the push-ups down, I’ll add that back to the routine. I’m going to replace it with an arm strengthening exercise.

I beat both my high scores in Super Hula Hoop (I did that first to get it out of the way) and Rhythm Boxing!!! I struggled to finish the Hula Hooping. 10 minutes is a long time to do that, but man is it a good workout!

Taking a break. Eating the rest of my grilled chicken salad and an orange. Then I’m going to jump into the other half of my workout. Go me!

I now have 11,444 steps!!