I was looking through my Eating for Life book (written by Bill Phillips) for some recipe ideas. I came across a passage I’d underlined and re-read it:

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to plan your meals ahead of time. When you plan, you can prepare. You set the table for your success. That will not only help you eat right, it will reduce stress. There will be no more last-minute, desperate decisions of what’s for dinner, and then either settling for fast food or wasting precious time and energy with a mad dash to and through the grocery store, when you deserve to be dining, resting, relaxing and nourishing your health.

I see why I underlined it. Not only is it good advice, it was written (seemingly) just for me. When I plan my meals, I know exactly how many points I’m going to eat and whether or not I have room for dessert. I know whether or not the meal will end up using my Weekly Allowance Points. There are no surprises and there is no guesswork. That makes it so much easier to stick to my plan. And so much easier to shop!!! I make my grocery list based on what is in my menu. No more wasted produce because I didn’t get around to cooking/eating it. And no more buying high-point foods. Ugh, let me tell you what happened this week.

I decided I wanted turkey burgers. I had ground turkey in the freezer, but I needed fixin’s. I go to the store and I pick up 1 small onion, some sliced baby bella mushrooms, some swiss cheese from the deli, frozen french fries, and some whole wheat buns. Easy peasy, right? I use my healthy oil to saute the mushrooms and onions. I used a little Worcestershire sauce to make the patties, PAM in the pan. So far so good, right? I find the PP value for the cheese by using the weight and dividing it by the number of slices. I even find the PP value for 1Tbsp of A1 Steak Sauce. I baked the fries and topped the burgers with mushrooms, onions, and 1 slice of swiss cheese. The burgers were 8PP. No biggie, I figured they’d be about that much. But the buns!!!!!! Each bun is 4PP!!!! AND THE FRIES!!! BAKED FRIES!!! See, this is what happens when you are being cheap. Kroger fries were on sale, so I bought those, the Crispy Stix. 18 fries 6PP. I can’t tell you how annoyed I was with myself at the end of that ordeal. One dinner, 18PP. Really??? That’s more than half of my daily points (34). It’s not that I didn’t have the points, because that’s what my WAP are for. But I should have found the PP value of the buns and the fries in the store. Ore-Ida fries are only 4PP per serving. I assumed that the off-brand would be the same. WRONG!!!! So that was a lesson learned. Nothing even goes in the cart without first knowing the PP value. No. More. Surprises. All that being said, those burgers were GOOD AS HELL!!!!

Anyway, back to planning. It works for exercise, too. If I have a workout planned, I don’t end up saying, “Hmmm, what am I going to do for activity today?” The time it takes me to think of what to do is also enough time for me to talk myself out of doing anything. But if I already know what I need to do, then I can do it and get it out of the way. No EXCUSES!

I have come up with 14 days of dinners, 5 breakfasts (I eat pretty much the same thing for breakfast all the time), and lunch will likely be leftovers from the dinner the night before. I will snack on fruit, popcorn, wheat thins w/ Laughing Cow cheese, and either WW or Skinny Cow desserts.

Now, armed with ALL of this, how can I fail? The ONLY way I can fail is if I say to hell with the plan and eat whatever I want. And at that point it is a conscious decision to abandon the plan. So if I fail, it’s because I CHOOSE to fail.