Hellooooooooooooo MultiGrain Cheerios!!! They have a hint of sweetness, so it’s not like eating plain, dry, boring, old cheerios. AND, they have 100% RDA of 9 of the vitamins and nutrients we need each day. All in all, it’s a good cereal, good for you, and it’s only 3PP. So that you know why this is so important, I LOVE cereal. I mean, I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It’s a food group all it’s own in my house. I can eat cereal for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. That’s right, dessert. I eat cereal very often, so having a good tasting cereal that is good for me but also doesn’t break the bank on points is important to me. Smart Start being 5PP on this new WW system is just not going to work out for me. Especially because sometimes I know I am going to eat more than one serving. I’m honest and I know I’m not there yet when it comes to cereal. 5PP per 3/4 cup of cereal is just not happening. OH! AND MultiGrain Cheerios’ serving size is 1 cup!!! It’s just a winner any way you cut or slice it.