I did the 10-minute Super Hula Hoop and I survived!!!!! Woowhooooooo! It is REALLY hard to engage your abs while doing that, but I did try the whole time. After that, I played Rhythm Boxing for 10 minutes. Another good workout; I was drenched in sweat from both of them. Each of those earned me 1AP, so I have 2AP so far for today and 8AP for the week. That was just my fun little warm up. Today is like my Last Chance Workout, lol. After I rest a little bit (and finish this entry) I’m going to do my Gold’s Gym workouts; about 15 minutes Cardio boxing and 15 minutes of Dance. That will give me two more AP. THEN I’ll play Just Dance 2 for a little while. I’m going to play online with a friend next week, so I need to work on my moves! Practice, practice, practice! I’m going to try the Just Sweat part of the game today. Let me get my GG workouts out of the way so that I can have brunch.