Seriously delicious!!! The stuffed turkey breasts & spaghetti squash were even better today. Probably because I didn’t have to share with my son, LOL! Y’all have got to make that recipe. Tweak it, tell me what you did different, and then tell me how it turned out. That way I can try it differently next time. But please, keep it healthy. Don’t torture me, for goodness sakes, lol.

6-point meal that’s filling. You can’t beat it. I’m going to have some cantaloupe (FREE) to satisfy my sweet tooth. Then I’ll blog a little more while my food digests, then it’s off to the Wii! I’m gonna do both GG games (if each workout is still only 14 minutes), then I’ll Walk It Out for 30 minutes. I think that will give me 5 Activity Points (AP). So far, I’ve only earned 3AP for the week. I’ve been slacking.

Again, that lunch was REALLY good! Ooh, that recipe is a keeper!