I bought my Monthly Pass today. I’ll weigh in tomorrow. Today has been a bad food day. Yesterday was borderline bad. I need to do better and plan better. I haven’t exercised in the past two days because I needed to give my body a break. Hurting does not begin to describe how my arms and back felt. But tomorrow, it’s back on! I will update my weight tomorrow instead of Thursday. I figure Wednesday is a good day to weigh in because it’s smack dab in the middle of the week. I can’t wait to see if the WW scale gives the same weight as my Wii balance board. It doggone better! And if not, it better not be MORE!

I’m behind on the 100 Days thing; we’ll get back on track with that, too.

*sigh* It should not be this hard to eat right. I need more discipline, I really do. But I’m a work in progress. And at least I’m not giving up. I will get to my goal weight!!!!!!!