*ding ding ding* JACKPOT *ding ding ding*

These games are the TRUTH!!!! Ok, I played Cardio Workout (GGCW) first. I only played today for 25 minutes. Not 25 consecutive minutes, either. About 6-7 minutes at a time. I checked my HR after each little workout and it was in the aerobic zone (70-80% of my max HR), so that’s good! I was DRENCHED in sweat! I mean sweat was pouring off my face, dripping off my chin, down my chest and between the girls! Normally, I *HATE* sweat because I sweat like a man. It’s gross. But when I’m exercising I *LOVE* it! It lets me know that I am really working. So far I am loving this game and I’ve only done a couple of beginner workouts. I also took the first boxing examination and . . .

I passed!

Woowhooooo!!!! 🙂 So that’s GGCW.

GG Dance Workout (GGDW) was equally as fun, but it let me know when it comes to latin dance, I’m out of practice. I mean, it’s a video game, right? Who knew it would move so fast and be so hard?! And your arm movements have to be ON POINT! Much more so than with the Just Dance games. But i was having SO much fun! I loved that I could see how I did on each part of the exercise and then play the training video for the parts I didn’t do well on. AND it lets you practice to see if you are doing the moves correctly. Love it! I’ve only gotten to play two of the mini games, but I liked the ones I played. Each of them raised my HR and made me sweat.

These games are definitely going to help me shed some pounds. I love how with each of them they will put together a workout program for you to follow, but they are still games where you can earn points. I’m going to love working out with these; well worth the investment. I’m about to play a little bit more before I take my shower. Hopefully I can come post Day 8 before midnight.