December 10, 2010

Basically, this passage talks about making sure that you stay on your diet program no matter what. It gives a suggestion of what to do when offered food at holiday/family/work functions. If someone offers you food that you don’t want to eat b/c it will take you off plan simply say, “Not just yet, maybe later,” or something of that nature. It also says to not discuss your diet. It doesn’t really give a reason as to why, but tells you to give the reason that talking about food makes you want to eat. I call BS on this, but whatever.

The activity says to write down three events that could cause you to go off plan and how you’ll protect your plan for each one. It also says to do one thing today that reinforces your determination to stay on plan.

1) Running errands. Being out and about all day can completely wreck my eating plan because I stop for fast food and snacks. But that’s mostly because I don’t plan well. If I plan well and keep food and snacks with me, running errands wouldn’t be an issue. So moving forward I will keep healthy snacks with me and also on hand in my car. I’ll put little baggies of almonds in my middle console. If I am going to be away from home for longer than 3 hours, I will pack a lunch. If I am completely out of food, I will find a Subway.

2) Holiday parties. I don’t celebrate any winter holidays, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t family gatherings, meeting up with friends who are home for the holidays, etc. I enjoy seeing my friends and family. I enjoy spending time with them, but these gatherings almost always revolve around food. Meeting for dinner and drinks or going to a family member’s house for dinner. There are always extra calories involved. My solution? Eat something before I go. If I eat something light, even if it’s a snack, I won’t have room to pack away unwanted calories. Not only will I not have the room, but if I’m not hungry, I won’t feel the need to eat something I shouldn’t. If there are must have items, I will get sample-sized portions, just so that I can taste them.

3) Free weekends. I’m a single mom, so weekends without my son are almost like a free-for-all. I don’t really have to cook or have any type of schedule. This is not good! It means that I’m just in the kitchen grabbing stuff. No plan as to how what I’m eating fits into my day or how many points I’m eating vs how many I have left for the day. I’m just eating. And don’t let me go out! So from now on, I will have my free weekends planned (meal-wise) before my son even leaves. That means every other Thursday, I need to have my meals planned for the weekend. Actually, this is a good plan for every weekend.

What will I do today to show that I’m determined to protect my plan? I’ve already shot my eating plan to hell for the day, but there’s still tomorrow, right?