So we’re playing catch up; let’s get to it!

December 9, 2010

This passage pretty much tells you to get a notebook and write down your cravings instead of eating them. If you like, you can also write the date that you will eat the food, how much of it you will eat, and how often you will indulge. Cool, I like that. This blog is my magic notebook.

I call BS on the rest of this passage. For example, it says when some chick got a craving, she wrote it down and then forgot about it. Either she’s a liar or the author decided to make up an anecdote to support the lesson. Now, I’m all for writing down my cravings. I’m all for planning for them: saving calories/points for the treat, extra workouts to work off the extra calories, etc. But what I am most certainly NOT going to do is forget about it. WTF? If it were truly that easy, NO ONE WOULD BE FAT!!! We’d all just be writing down fattening stuff that we want to eat. I have to roll my eyes at the mere thought of such simplicity.

Right now, my list only has one item on it: a slice of deliciously moist chocolate pudding cake with one scoop of vanilla ice cream. It honestly sounds like a little piece of heaven. I don’t know when I’ll get it, but it’s going to have to be soon. Like, yesterday.