Really quick, ’cause I have to get on out the door.

1) I was on my way to Applebee’s to get a WW entree and some chocolate cake. I get a knock at the door before I’m leaving and it’s the mailman! With my new Gold’s Gym games!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!! I’m gonna go eat dinner then come back and play, play, play!!!!!!!

2) Looking at nutritional information for a restaurant is just downright depressing. I wanted to see what I was getting myself into with this dessert, and I looked at everything. I can remember a time where I would order the Sampler appetizer as my meal. Not to share, just for me. A full day’s worth of calories for someone not watching her weight. It’s no wonder I’m obese now. It’s great that they have WW entrees, but they need to also have WW-friendly desserts. Suffice it to say, I won’t be going out to dinner anymore. I’ll be going to the grocery store to pick up a slice of cake and a pint of frozen yogurt. Can’t do too much damage with that, especially since I’m going to be playing games all night.

I’ve already played Walk It Out for 90 minutes today; I walked 5.6 miles and took over 19K steps! Oh, and I played Wii Fit Plus for 30 minutes. I used my HRM while I played. Of course my HR was raised with WIO, but I was surprised the WFP aerobics games actually raised my HR within the fat burning range. You just have to keep playing them over and over to keep your HR up.

I’ve been slacking on the diet update. Here’s the short of it: I had to let Fat Smash go. For whatever reason, it wasn’t working for me this time. I was being way too hard on myself for not staying on plan, so I had to let it go. I’ll stick with WW. I may even get the Monthly Pass for 3 months and start going to meetings again. My friend PJ started back and was telling me a little about the new program. I think I’ll give it a try. As a matter of fact, I’ll do that right now! Why not?! It only makes sense! Thank you, PJ, for being an inspiration to me!!! And for keeping me from going to Applebee’s!

I will be back later with the update to my 100 Days of Weight Loss (Days 5-7) and a review of the Gold’s Gym games.