That’s what I’m about to do, but I needed to document this before I forgot. I just ordered two new games from Amazon: Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout and Gold’s Gym Dance Workout. Now, I’ve wanted the Dance one, but was putting it off. I never really wanted the Cardio Workout, that is until I played Wii Sports Boxing yesterday. Yesterday was my first time playing the Wii Sports game that came with my Wii. I played with my friend Carla back in October, but I’d forgotten how much fun Boxing was! I didn’t think it would be as fun playing against a computer character and not have my opponent standing next to me, but it was still fun! I wanted to just keep playing over and over and over! Can you say SWEATING?! I knew I had to order GGCW after that. I figured since I was ordering it, I could just go ahead and get the GGDW, too. What was I waiting for?

My plan is to set up an actual schedule of games to play to help in my calorie burn. Sometimes I’m just playing aimlessly, and end up sweating, and that’s OK. But I want to put together an actual program to help with my fat burning. I’m thinking of buying a heart rate monitor (HRM) to make absolute sure that I’m within fat burning range. This site can help you learn more about your fat burning heart rate. Like I was saying, I want to set up a Wii workout regimen that will ensure I burn the calories and lose the weight. Yes, I’ve been using my Wii consistently. Yes, it makes me sweat. My only concern is that the time that my heart rate is in the optimal fat burning range is not a long enough time. That’s why I need the HRM, just to be sure. I want to make sure I’m burning as many calories as the game says I’m burning.

Having a plan will make sure I’m not just playing to have fun, but playing to lose weight (and having fun in the process). Varying which games I play will ensure that I don’t get bored. It will also be a way to sort of cross-train. I will continue to use the Wii Fit Plus to do Yoga and Strength training. There is a new Yoga and Pilates game that came out yesterday. I’ll wait to read more reviews before I decide if I want to invest in that.

Ok, off for some fun. I’m going to warm up with some Wii Sports Resort games and even a few Active Life Explorer games. Then I’m going to Walk It Out for an hour. I really don’t feel like it, I’d rather take a quick nap while I have the chance. But I’ll do it anyway.