Dec. 7, 2010

What don’t I feel like doing today? Exercising. But I’ll DO IT ANYWAY!

A list of actions I will stick with today, regardless of how I feel at the moment:

1) I will stick to my eating plan, even if I am sick of fruits and vegetables.
2) I will do more than 30 minutes of exercise today.

I’m not really sure what else to stick to today. I’m sitting in the parking lot of Trader Joe’s CRUSHING some apples slices. I’m SO hungry. All I want is a piece of chocolate cake. A piece of chocolate pudding cake. From Kroger. That’s what I want. But I stopped here at TJ’s to get a banana or something. But they had this bag of apple slices, so that’s what I got. They’re ok, but I still want *something*.

Whatever, I have to eat this cuz I have to stick to this FS thing. Just because I started it. And if all I’m going to do is just quit everything I start, what’s the point? It’s only Day 3 and already I want some cake. Ugh.

Why does this have to be so hard?