Yesterday was a BAD eating day. So much so, I feel like I have to start my 9 day detox over. Not sure. Let’s just get this honesty thing out of the way right now.

I went to McDonald’s. I had a southern chicken sandwich, medium fry, and diet coke. I completely understand the whole “Diet Coke” thing at the fast food restaurant. I used to think it was absurd, but I get it now, absurd or not. I’m not done. I dropped my son off with his grandmother and she invited me to have dinner. Not a fattening dinner by any means (she is also on WW), but completely off plan for FS. I had about a cup of spaghetti (sauce had zucchini and squash and was actually really good) and a small chicken breast (probably 4oz as it was the exact size of the palm of my hand). Still not done. When I got home, I ate a York Peppermint Patty. Now, who knew how low in fat/calories these were????? So what I learned in all of this is that when I need a sweet fix, I can eat a YPP. Or half of it; by the end, it was really sweet.

I have no excuses. The circumstances that led me to the McDonald’s could have been avoided with better planning or with planning period. Sure, I tried to fend it off by stopping at the Trader Joe’s down the street and getting a bag of sliced apples and some sliced cantaloupe, but even after eating some of the apples, I was full, but not satisfied. I WAS HUNGRY!!! I felt like an actual meal. So I ignored the part of me that was begging not to go to McDonald’s. I did what I said I’d do, I thought about it before I ate it. Hell, I had to wait for 8 minutes in the drive-thru, so I had ample time to think about it. I just chose to do what was wrong.

I felt bad about it before, during, and after. Last night, I felt so full and bloated that I felt disgusted with myself. Ugh.

I did exercise on the Wii, though! I did 30 minutes in My Wii Fit Plus (strength & yoga), then I did 30 minutes of Wii Sports right after that. Last night, after eating dinner, I did 30 more minutes in Wii Sports. My body is sore today, so that’s a good thing. The other day, I unlocked the 10-minute Super Hula Hoop in WFP! 6 minutes was a helluva workout, though. I’ll have to get my mind right to do the 10 minute one.

I did Day 3’s assignment, but it’s written down and in the car. I’ll post it later on today, along with Day 4. Yeah, I fell off yesterday, but I’m STILL on the bandwagon!!!