I know I am supposed to be on the Wii right now! Well, not really. I just finished eating leftover brown rice and broccoli from last night, so I have to let that digest a little bit. And let me just say, Bird’s Eye Steamfresh, your broccoli cuts are not good! The stems are WAY too hard! I knew I shouldn’t have gotten them, but Kroger was all out of Broccoli florets. That other bag will be kept in the freezer for emergency purposes. I need to get a head of broccoli from the store today. Goodness.

Any way, I really came to share a dish that I’m planning to try this week. It’s an Indian dumpling dish, Gatte Ke Kadhi, but the dumplings are made with gram flour (chick pea/garbanzo bean flour). It looks so good, I have to try my hand at it! Especially since it’s fairly Fat Smash friendly.

Here’s the video recipe:

I need to find mustard seeds. I have dry mustard, but I can’t find mustard seeds. I also need to go to an Indian market to see if I can find this asafetida. Maybe they’ll have the mustard seeds as well. I’m going to pass on the whole cardamom since her website says it’s optional. I need to check to see if I have coriander powder. I know I have seeds, but I don’t think I have powder. I need a better way to organize my spices. I have a very small kitchen and currently they are in a cabinet, but then I have to take everything out to see what’s in there (or not in there) and then put it all back. I need a rack or shelves or something. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment! Anyway what else? Oh, I’ll also pass on the red chili powder and red chilies. I’m a punk when it comes to spicy food, so we’ll just leave that be. Savor the flavor with none of the heat!

I’ll make sure to let you know how it turns out!

Ok, NOW I’m ready to get on the Wii!!! Let’s see if I can do well enough in the 6-minute hula hoop game to unlock the 10-minute game. I’m going to play Wii Fit Plus for 30 minutes, then I’m going to play Active Life Explorer for 30 minutes. I love that this is so much fun!!!