Well, here’s my first mini-lesson. I’m supposed to list negative behaviors that have hindered me from reaching my weight loss goals in the past, then tell how I will change that behavior to be successful this time. Here goes!

    I used to be that way, but now I’m different.

I used to try to keep track of what I ate in my head, but now I will write down everything I eat to make myself more accountable.

I used to go on self-destructive binges, but now I will practice self-control one meal at a time.

I used to use fatigue as an excuse for not exercising, but now I will not make excuses, I will JUST DO IT!

I used to procrastinate when it came to diet and exercise, but now I will not put off eating right and working out.

I used to just eat whatever I wanted, but now I will think before I put anything in my mouth.

I used to just keep buying clothes in larger sizes, but now I refuse to buy bigger clothes. I will lose weight instead!

I used to go off my diet for social events, but now I will learn to eat sensibly no matter the situation or event.

I’m sure I’ll think of more, and if I do, I’ll update this post. But I’m exhausted and must go to sleep. Goodnight!