I just took my measurements. Ugh. No sense in lamenting over it; it is what it is. Here they are.

Neck: 14”
Bust: 39 ½” (back, underneath the girls)
Upper arm: 13 ¾” (midway between shoulder & elbow)
Wrist: 6 ¾” (over the bone)
Waist: 40 ¾” (1 inch above the navel)
Hips: 49” (at the maximum width)
Thigh: 30 ½ ” (just below the buttocks)
Calf: 16 ½”
Ankle: 9 ¼” (right above the bone)

Now, in my little 3-month WW Food Journal, it only asks for the circumference measurements of your Right Upper Arm, Waist, Hips, and Right Thigh. All the others I added because I want to keep track of them as well. Those numbers are absolutely depressing, but they are more motivating than the scale. I will take my measurements on the 1st of every month. So that’s that. Ugh.

My WiiFit age, what’s that all about? Well, the WiiFit does a body test and based on that test, it tells you how old you are, fit-wise. My real age is 36; my WiiFit age (as of 11/18/10) is 48. And I feel even older than that! I’m not sure how often you are supposed to do a full body test. I figure every four weeks is good enough, so I’ll do that on the first of each month, as well. I hope I haven’t gotten older in the past 14 days, lol.

Speaking of the WiiFit, I have a date with my trainer. Don’t worry, though, I’ll be back later! 🙂